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Like you, we take special delight in individuality, unique taste, and their flow with the natural world. We take nature's dream soup and pour it into your event., your home, or florist shop. If you're looking to buy flowers for your event, or if you are a florist, send us an email.  If you want to buy our flowers, click below. 


Cindy Tarrant

Former owner and creative director of French Market Flowers, Cindy is now following her dream of growing unique flowers to tell the story of your event or beautify your home. Our flowers are anything but ordinary.
Many people ask about the name of our farm. It is named after our son, Andy's poem, Dream Soup. Here is the most beautiful poem. 

Dream Soup

I woke up this morning 
With warm, golden dream soup cupped in my hands
Mexican chicken
And each ingredient was a poem.
The rice had emerged from a cave
with briars in its matted fur.
It had once lived with mermaids
 and knew how to throw a trident 29 yards under water.
The chicken was as warm as baked pavement
but not hard like pavement,
soft like a marshmallow
The chicken lived to sit awake in the woods at night
And marvel at the sounds of the wilderness.
The beans were from somewhere Southern
Somewhere mountainous
And were grand and silent like the mountains
They carried many secrets.
And kept them guarded like a porcupine's nest.
-Andy Tarrant 1988-2016


We offer a fall flower subscription for our neighbors in Newnan and Serenbe. Find it on our shopify page. You can also find us as vendors weekly at the Serenbe Farmers Market. If you'd like to order a special arrangement or bouquet, you will find your options on our shopify page. 

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I truly could not overstate how amazing Cindy is. From the first time we met, I knew she just "got" me and my vision for our flowers. She even planted certain flowers for me in anticipation of our wedding, I knew our flowers would be gorgeous, but my breath was taken away.  I was so pleased with all of our wedding vendors and how everything turned out, but the flowers were extra special. 

The best experience...


Incredible arrangements, awesome communication, could not be more happy with how our flowers turned out!

So beautiful...


I came in two weeks before my wedding day, and the store was about to close. Cindy did not hesitate to assist. She was very nice and sat down with me to see my vision and helped me pull out ideas with my colors. I was over pleased on my wedding day when they delivered my bouquet, table spray, and boutonnières. Everything was beautiful, elegant, and the colors were so rich. They pulled this off for me with a short time frame. I was brought to tears because everything was complete with my flowers. Cindy is the best!

Worth every penny...

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can be found with our seasonal flowers. We've got event flowers. We have flowers for designers and florist shops. We have flowers for your mom.  See our availability at our shop, open now for our fall flower subscription and ordering for bouquets and arrangements for delivery.

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