Flowers for Everyone!

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 We offer a convenient, yet gorgeous options for DIY weddings. Have us do your bouquets, boutonnieres, arch and/or centerpieces. We can deliver and set up, but we do not offer clean up. If you really want to DIY, buy buckets of our organic flowers to make your own bouquets. See our ordering page or shoot us an email.

Celebrating Your Big Day

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Florist Deliveries and Flower

For our florists, we offer emailed weekly availability  beginning in January. For orders over $100, there is no delivery fee. 

For retail customers, we offer monthly flower subscriptions beginning with tulips in January and continuing through first frost. You can also order and pick up at Serenbe Farmers Market. We're there every weekend! Finally, do you need an arrangement or a bouquet to take to a friend or to commemorate an anniversary. We can deliver your bouquet in the Newnan or Serenbe area. Just order in the link below.

Flower Ordering

What to Expect

 For a bespoke wedding, contact us! We'll set up a meet or talk on the phone, and then I'll do a proposal for you. We work together to get the flowers within your budget and matched to your dreams. 

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Do you work from a shot list?

We travel in Georgia and North Carolina. 

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Flowers for Everyone

I believe in regenerative agriculture. At its core, regenerative agriculture is farming in harmony with nature. We farm to maintain soil health and sequester carbon. Of course it's organic, but it's more than that. Our top priority is maintaining biodiversity to promote habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. 
By contrast, the industrial agricultural system that dominates Western food and fiber supply chains incentivizes practices that promote soil erosion at a rate of 10 to 100 times higher than soil formation; nutrient runoff and harmful algal blooms in freshwater and coastal systems; and monocropping and other threats to local biodiversity, including critical pollinators. 

Our Farming Philosophy

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My Approach

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The best experience...

Cindy was so sweet and a pleasure to work with! I gave her a general idea of what I was looking for and a color scheme I had in mind, and she did the rest. Everything was stunning! I got so many compliments about the flowers on the wedding day. Simply beautiful work.


So beautiful...

I truly could not overstate how amazing Cindy is. From the first time we met, I knew she just "got" me and my vision for our flowers. She even planted certain flowers for me. I knew our flowers would be gorgeous, but my breath was taken away when I saw my bouquet, my bridesmaids' bouquets, the centerpieces, and the head table garland. I was so pleased with all of our wedding vendors and how everything turned out, but the flowers were extra special. 


Worth every penny...

Hands down THE best florist for a wedding. We met with them and described what we were looking for and showed them some pictures and they brought everything to life. Very responsive to any changes or questions we had. The best part is they have to be the most reasonably priced wedding florists in the city. They worked within our smaller budget to give us so much. We are SOO happy with hiring FMF.


Let's Create Together

Let's get together and talk about your dreams!