Anna and Richard and their French Inspired Garden Wedding

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Cindy Tarrant • August 8, 2023

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Richard grew up in France, and Anna studied in Paris while in college. Thus, it was only fitting that they decided to feature wine pairings with their 5 course French inspired dinner. Of course, this meal of a lifetime demands the prettiest of tablescape designs. With that in mind, we used her favorite spring flowers in yellow, pink, and purple and then added bowls of lemons and taper candles to set it off. The flowers were designed so that they were growing from the table. The look would not have been complete without a hanging component. Larkspur and delphinium, Anna’s favorite flowers hung from the circular wreath above the dinner. Anna and Richard sat with their friends among the candlelight as the dreamy night unfolded.

The couple celebrated their marriage with a circular wedding arch created from larkspur and delphinium. For the ceremony itself, the couple’s fathers and grandfathers presided given that they were all Presbyterian ministers. The crowd warmed the rings and soaked in the readings from their friends. The couple wrote their vows to one another, and everyone was charmed and teary at the same time. Anna wanted a big bouquet to go with her designer wedding dress with bell sleeves. More fun for us, and the bridesmaids looked stunning in their white dresses with the flowers in pinks, yellows, and purples.

Truly a wedding to remember!

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